Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at St. Francis Church Hall, Castle Road.
for a map.
Coffee is served from 10a.m. and business begins at 10.30a.m.

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Date 2014 Speaker Subject Link
15th January

New Year Party - Bernard Lockett .

The Musical Theatre of Gilbert and Sullivan  
19th February Ashley Smith The Hawk Conservancy Link

19th March

Ralph Jerram

Incorrect Political Correctness


16th April

Lt.Col Malcolm Torrent

'The Trumpets shall sound'.

21st May

Exhibition of craft groups and leaders reports


18th June

Col CJ Newbold.

Battlefields and Remembrance


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Date 2013
Speaker Subject Link
16th January Nick Crump Amazing Instruments Link
20th February Chris Rogers Flights  of Angels (Using Stained Glass) Link

20th March

 A.G.M and John Bowman

Oman-Jewel of the Middle East


17th April

 Fred Swift

A year in the life of a  Bee-Keeper


15th May

Exhibition of craft groups and leaders reports



19th June

Judy Grant

The American Museum .Bath


17th July

Richard Death     

Morris Dancing  


21st August

Christopher Lacy

How and What Water-Aid Does


18th September

The Antarctic

David Fletcher  

16th October

Steve Oakes

The Miracle of Bird Migration Link

20th Nov Roger Watson       Capturing the light Link
18th Dec Castles and Roses - Canal boat Art Robert Wright  

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Date 2012
Speaker Subject Link
Jan 18th Party with the Ali Barbers    
Feb 15th
David Boag
The American Project - scenery and wildlife photography Link
Mar 21st
AGM plus Felicity Herring
Lady Elizabeth Butler, Victorian Battle Artist Link
Apr 18th Gordon Lewis Ferrets for Fun  
May 16th   Exhibition of craft groups and leaders reports Link for Pictures
Jun 20th Chris Walker The Great American Songbook Link
Jul 18th Colin Reed Building of the Øresund Bridge Link
Aug 15th Peter Padwick All Things Banned and Censored  
Sept 19th Tara Economakis Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Link
Oct 17th Linda Turner Yes, she was a cobbler  
Nov 21st Hazel Docherty Working as a Blue Badge Guide Link
Dec 19th Tristan de Vere Cole Augustus John, a personal reminiscence Link

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Date 2011 Speaker Subject
Jan 19th
Feb 16th
Alix Booth
A History of Punch and Judy LINK
Mar 16th
AGM plus Denise Edwards
How I fell into stunt work
Apr 20th
George Fleming
Fate of a Salisbury citizen; a passenger on the Titanic
May 18th
Exhibition of craft groups and leaders reports
Jun 15th
Alison Bailey
Canine Partners. A moving and interesting talk. LINK
Jul 20th
Dr Tony Phillips
Fovant Badges;  The history, restoration and maintenance. LINK
Aug 17th
Jane Pelly
Bishop Wordsworth
Sept 21st Dr Watkins My Ecuadorian Adventure
Oct 19th Dr. Christopher Fifield The Life and Voice of Kathleen Ferrier  For more Info click HERE
Nov 16th Pauline Rowson LINK Marine Mystery Crime Novels
Dec 21st Chester House Productions Dickens at Christmas. LINK


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Date 2010



Jan 20th


New Year Party

Feb 17th

Adrian Green

The Life of the King’s House, Salisbury

Mar 17th


AGM and exhibition of groups’ activities

Apr 21st George Fleming The great Salisbury Train Disaster.
May 19th Bernard Burke Thirty years in TV Broadcasting
June 16th James Palmer The World of Intelligence in WW2
July 21st Louis Atkins A Day in the life of a Shepherd
Aug 18th Mrs. Sue Dewy 'Plains Indians of North America - Sioux.'
Sept 15th Fiona Gilbert Help for Heroes.
Oct 20th Robert Key  'Life as an MP'
Nov 19th Colin Varndell Hidden Dorset.
Dec 15th The Belletones 'Ringing in Christmas'

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Date 2009 Speaker Subject

Jan 21st


New Year Party

Feb 18th

Robert Baggs

The Painter’s Practice - How they made the masterpieces of Renaissance Western Art

Mar 18th

Nick R. Thomas

The Power of Humour in Everyday Life

Apr 15th

Commodore Ian Gibb

From Cadet to Commodore – and Beyond

May 20th

John Smith

Royal Farewells

Jun 17th

Derek Wilson

Henry VIII – King, Reformer, Tyrant

Jul 15th

Ruth Newman

Poverty and the Workhouse in Salisbury and the Mysterious Death of Louisa Garrett

Aug 19th

Mary South

Woodland Trust – See the Wood for the Trees

Sep 16th

Jane Munro

Fairtrade – Is It Important?

Oct 21st

Sharon Green

Working as a Peace Monitor in Palestine

Nov 18th

Colin Varndell

Wild Dorset

Dec 16th

Rex Sawyer

The Secret Valley of the Ebble

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Date 2008 Speaker Subject
Feb 20th

Phil Groombridge Wildlife Rescue
of the Animal Hospital in West Winterslow.
March 19th   The AGM - Photo Report HERE
April 18th Robert Baggs Great Rivals Make Great Art: the Patronage of the Sassetti Chapel in Florence
May 16th Hugh Thomas Wessex Writers
June 20th    
July 16th Ruth Newman What’s On In The 1780s from the Journals
August 20th Stephen Griffiths Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens: Past, Present and Future
Sept 17th Rex Sawyer Salisbury Plain – a Miscellany
Oct 15th

Michael Sparkes

The history of Trinity House

November 19th

John Smith

SOE at Beaulieu during WWII

Dec 17th Paul Courtenay Thoughts and Adventures of the Young Winston Churchill

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Date 2007 Speaker Subject

February 21st

David Parrott Tante Winnie – a lesbian lover who had a French connection with Salisbury.
March 21st   The AGM REPORT HERE
April 18th Dr Denise Allen The Trouble with Troy - In this talk, Dr Allen will examine the evidence for the reality of the Trojan War, starting with Homer and coming up-to-date with recent excavations at Hişarlik in northwest Turkey, believed to be the site of the city of Troy. The story is a fascinating one, involving the ambitious Heinrich Schliemann and deeds of treachery and derring-do. Those who have visited the site will know that it is very difficult to understand on the ground - now you can find out why!
May 16th Rex Sawyer Collett’s Farthing Newspaper.  The story of a local newspaper edited by the Vicar of Broadchalke between 1878 and 1924.
June 20 th Jo Motto a Victim Support Charity
July 19th Ruth Newman Cholera
August 15th Roger and Sandra Downton In the wake of the Cockle Shell Heroes
Report here
September 20th Ian Raynsforth-Smith The Middle East Today
Oct 18th Nigel Lewis Talking about his work with birds of prey
Nov 15th   No meeting
21 Nov   Our usual venue when we will be having a party to celebrate 25 years of the U3A organisation and in addition Alan Wood’s painting Group will be exhibiting framed paintings.
Dec 20th    

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Date 2006

February 15th

Ann Seviour The Ecology of the New Forest
March 15th   The AGM
April 19th Roy Deacon The Great Storm
July 19th Richard Munroe Mission Aviation Fellowship - Medical and Spiritual Help
August 16th Geoffrey Brown A Glimpse into the lives of Henrietta and Hilary Bankes of Kingston Lacey
September 20th Robina Hattersley Making Poverty History – South India 2006
October 18th Janice Sanders Janice will update us about her tenth year of voluntary work in Romania.
November 15th Michael Sparkes, a retired pilot. The history of piloting in the Solent.
December 20th Ruth Newman Life in Salisbury in World War I

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4 August 2004 David Quinion Transport in Britain through the Ages
1 Sept 2004 Jim Palm Adverts in Aspic
6 Oct 2004 Rex Sawyer Imber, the Deserted Village
3 Nov 2004
Anniversary Lunch, St Francis Hall (see Newsletter)
1 Dec 2004 David Waymouth The Background to Trafalgar
5 January 2005 Michael Passmore History of the Automobile Association
February 16th
Jan Sanders
Works as a volunteer for Share and regularly visits very poor villagers in Romania to offer health care.
June15th On Roman glass Denise Allen
May 18th Meet the Ancesters Julian Richards
July 20th "The history and preservation of the Fovant Badges" Tony Pinder
August 17th 1780's A Lighthearted look at the Decade Ruth Newman
September 21st
Speaking on "A look at Southern India". Phyll. Babb
October 19th The Play's the Thing Derek Jones
November16th A quick look around Europe

Peter Allanson Tour manager for Palmair, Bournemouth

December 21st Further Tales of Nadder Valley Rex Sawyer
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19 March 2003
For a Report click here
16 April 2003
Opens with a Piano Recital by a member, Frances Dodd.  The remainder will be devoted to next year's Programme of Courses.  There will be time for some of the group leaders to talk about their plans for the year.  Others may put up displays to show the kind of activities they cover.  For a Report  
21 May 2003
Japan as seen by Phyll Babb
18 June 2003
Dom Young on Submarines.  Report
16 July 2003 Rex Sawyer on Salisbury Plain. Report
August 2003
Triumph of Technique over Terror.  Nick Thomas.  Report
17 September
Stuart Corbett, Conservation Officer, on 'The Management of the Wildlife at Porton Down'. Report
15 October
A guide from Breamore House.  For more click here
19 November
Alan Brown will talk on "Airfields in the New Forest in the War".
17 December
'The NEW FOREST'  by Anne Seviour  - Report
January 2004
New Year party.
15 Febraury
Keith Richards, chairman of the national executive committee (NEC) on "Shared Learning"
AGM followed by exhibitions of study groups and a talk on Digital Imaging.
21st April
Paul Mitchell on "Walking Sticks".
19th May
Political debate with Caroline Jackson MEP (Conservative), Dave Roberts (Labour) and Graham Watson (Liberal Democrat).
16th June
David James on "Roman Salisbury".

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